Interroll Supports the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute

Posted April 29, 2014 | Sant'Antonino, Switzerland

Interroll, a worldwide provider of key products and solutions for internal logistics, made a contribution to SCL to actively support professional education in supply chain engineering.

Interroll, with its global presence and a successful history in the US since 1968, has recently opened a new regional Center of Excellence in Hiram, close to Atlanta, Georgia. It hires mechanical engineers, materials handling experts and project managers offering a modern working environment with a strong American legacy and the setup of a global leader. In supporting SCL, Interroll further demonstrates its local commitment for the booming region of Georgia.

Both organizations will exchange fundamental know-how related to intralogistics in order to further increase the leadership in their respective areas. Interroll already works closely with wellknown universities in China and Germany on research and educational programs. With Georgia Tech in the USA, Interroll now also supports a leading institute in this strategically important market. The movement of goods and services has been one of the educational cornerstones of Industrial and Systems Engineering education at Georgia Tech since the inception of the program.

Mr. Tim Brown, Director of Professional Education at SCL, appreciated the contribution of Interroll: &quoteWe will be able to enhance and sustain our professional educational offerings thanks to the generous donation from Interroll, a global leader in internal logistics. We look forward to a long collaboration with Interroll as we share best practices and information to improve work force skills and knowledge in the supply chain sector."

With a proven track record of delivering best-in-class Pallet-Flow solutions to high performing warehouse and distribution applications worldwide, customers like Coca Cola, First Quality Tissues, Walmart, UPS and Amazon use their intralogistics solutions on a daily basis.

In times where resources are scarce and competition is fierce, education and access to know-how is of the essence. This is especially the case as the globalization trend continues and companies seek for future proof strategies.

Ralf Garlichs, Executive Vice President Products & Technology, of Interroll said: "We are intrigued with the reputation of Georgia Tech and their international training programs and research projects. Our joint efforts shall be used for the creation of market relevant application know-how and inspiring research projects in the areas of business modeling. Interroll is looking forward to actively engage with Mr. Brown and his teams."

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