Keck Lab wins EVO Planning Grant from NSF

Posted October 24, 2007 | Atlanta

According to NSF, "A Virtual Organization (VO) is created by a group of individuals whose members and resources may be dispersed globally, yet who function as a coherent unit through the use of cyberinfrastructure (CI). Engineering VOs (EVO) will extend beyond small collaborations and individual departments or institutions to encompass wide-ranging, geographically dispersed activities and groups. This approach has the potential to revolutionize the conduct of science and engineering research, education, and innovation. These systems provide shared access to centralized or distributed resources, such as community-specific sets of tools, applications, data, and sensors, and experimental operations, often in real time."

Professor Leon McGinnis, along with colleagues John Fowler (Arizona State University), Russ Meller (University of Arkansas), and Dima Nazzal (University of Central Florida) have been awarded a planning grant from NSF focused on Discrete Event Logistics Systems. Over the next 18 months, the team will be elaborating the concept of the EVO, and working with potential EVO participants to identify requirements and opportunities.

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